What they say

“Diana made me really think about the reasons why I was looking for work and whether they are the right reasons and the pros and cons of the career paths that I am interested in, especially in relation to having a good work-life balance. Most importantly, she reassured me that my time out of the workplace, whilst supporting my husband’s career overseas and looking after small children, would not be such a bad thing on my CV. She has made me rethink different ways that I could make the best of my time abroad.”

(Diplomatic Service Coaching Client)

“Diana is an energetic, informed and highly inspirational speaker.  She recently presented to American Express on work – life balance strategies. Diana connected really well with the audience and ensured group participation and the sharing of ideas.  In a very short time, Diana provided realistic, actionable advice for prioritising and making time for important things in our lives. She showed us that there are no solutions, just logical and consistent effort.  We look forward to working with Diana again in the future.”

(Nitzan Marinov, Barnet College Participant)

“The workshop helped me to focus on specific areas of my jobsearch. There was a positive and supportive atmosphere which helped me to realise that I am not too old or too late!”

(Workshop Participant, British Council)

“My partner and I would like to thank you for your help and advice whilst we were both attending the Forward 4 Work initiative at Barnet College. As you know, we were both made redundant due to Woolworths going into administration and were out of work for approximately nine months each. This was a very traumatic and stressful time for us both. However, attending the sessions that you provided was not only insightful, but very motivational and informative. As a result of your help and advice, I have been successful in finding full-time employment with Marks & Spencer in a role which complements and builds on my previous retail and supply chain experience. The advice you dispensed on how to conduct yourself during an interview and how to best answer questions competently was invaluable to me and certainly helped me stand out from the crowd for the role I was eventually offered. My partner has also been successful in finding full time employment with the Department of Work and Pensions and we are very happy that we are both now back in work, especially during a time of recession and uncertainty. Once again, thank you so much for helping both of us get back on our feet and back to work.”

(Barnet College Course Participants)

“Diana helped provide clarity and direction to my search for employment. She not only helped me streamline my CV to be more appealing to the industry that I was looking to join, but also provided sound advice on how to in initiate my job search and maintain momentum. Her help has been invaluable and without it I would not have secured a place within an industry-leading company.”

(Adam F – recent graduate)